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message: 619
name: Doris Wacky Packs
email: Inwardfire7@yahoo.com

I'd like to say I kept my Wacky Packs from when I was a kid but I didn't. Once in a while I would think about them and wished they would still come back/imagine that I'm 46 but like someone one else mentioned, it was a happy simple time in life collecting them. I just thought about them tonight as I was telling a young 21 year old about these cool cards we used to collect when I was a kid with such cool sayings, it was a treat going to the corner store when you knew the next pack was coming out and being one of the first to get it when the store opened up. I know I had all of them up until they stopped making them/and the craze went away. Then I thought Hey let me check the internet/never thought of it before/Hello. This is really cool and it brings back memories/great fun/memories of childhood. I plan on keeping up with our site/on my favorites and plan on starting to collect them again/just for the fun of it to show the younger kids/can't wait to get the book also when it comes out for my coffee table. Pokeman give me a break/none of the cards even compare to Wacky packs (Pure Fun) says it all. Great site. Thanks

date: 2:39 am - Tuesday, April 15, 2008

message: 618
name: savanna
email: lisasavanna@aol.com

i have completed 4 series. i love wacky packages. their so cool to collect & look at.

date: 10:12 pm - Monday, April 14, 2008

message: 617
name: Sydnee Clark
email: Live4God4ever00@aol.com

I love wacky packs. I alread have a nothebook with wacky pack stickers in them. I am planing on to complete my notebook full of wacky pack stickers and make a new notebook full of other wacky pack sticers. And I will keep them to look at and play with.

date: 9:31 pm - Monday, March 31, 2008

message: 616
name: Sylvia
email: ifoundjesus94@aol.com

I really love these stickers Ijust started colecting them they are very wacky.

date: 4:39 pm - Monday, March 31, 2008

message: 615
name: rich
email: therebayr@aol.com

Greg,great work! My love of Wacky's goes back to the early 70's and the sudden resurgence has me thrilled! Keep up the great work in preserving our passion!

date: 2:21 am - Thursday, March 27, 2008

message: 614
name: chuck
email: ke4qhm@embarqmail.com


thanks for the website devoted to wackys. I'm reliving my childhood. I was inspired to hunt and find my 1991 collection that I had put into storage years ago when wackys were no longer being made. Imagine my surprise at finding the collection intact. According to the info on this series,Tattoo Skins was pulled and replaced by Barf's Rotbeer.I never found a Barf's sticker, but I do have the Tattoo skins sticker.So in essence, I have a complete 55 sticker set of the 1991 wackys but no variations.

date: 5:41 am - Sunday, March 23, 2008

message: 613
name: Johnny
email: wackys4life@yahoo.com

I love wacky's! Especially the 1991 series since that's when I grew up. I hope they release the lost 1992 set! SPLAT THE BUNNY

date: 11:54 pm - Wednesday, March 19, 2008

message: 612
name: Corndog
email: dhornburg@yahoo.com

My family say that I'm a Wacky-addict....you know what? THEY'RE RIGHT!!!

Playing with my Wackys (wow that sounds funny)....helps me reduce stress and takes me to a happy place.

Greg this site is SUPER!!! The information here has helped me to inhance my Wacky collections. I now have many many binders filled with Wacky Packs and alike.

Thanks again Greg for this great and wacky website!!!

date: 9:21 am - Wednesday, March 19, 2008

message: 611
name: Larry Salisbury
email: NormasCollection@aol.com

Truly enjoyed visiting your site. Will help me identify and dispose of the Wacky packages my wife collected during the early years of our marriage.
She passed away last year and her knowledge went with her.
Thank you.

date: 1:56 am - Saturday, March 8, 2008

message: 610
name: ddggdgf
email: rtrdtredrtf

i love wackys

date: 2:18 am - Thursday, March 6, 2008


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