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RIP: Jay Lynch
January 7th, 1945 - March 5th, 2017

On March 5th the Wacky Packages hobby lost arguably its most important personality.

There will be a memorial service March 31st in NYC, organized by Art Spiegelman.

Jay battled with an aggressive form of non-small cell carcinoma (adenocarcinoma) - but he was very brave and kept his spirits up to the end.

The emotional and material support that Jay received from the Wacky Packages community over the last couple months made a real difference and it really meant a lot to him. He expressed a lot of regret when he could no longer type, that he could not thank everybody individually.

The hobby will never forget Jay Lynch who was there from day one and carried the flame for 50 years through high times and low.

He not only conceived so many of the original and ANS classic titles, he was like the village elder who could recount wild Wacky Pack tales till the sun came up. Many a night we burned the midnight oil with Jay and watched him draw and listen to his stories. He could draw 20 hours straight as long as he had cigarettes and somebody to talk to.

We will miss you Jay, the hobby will never be the same.

Jay Lynch Interview about working on Wackys

At the great Wacky Packages party of 2005 in Philadelphia, Jay Lynch started drawing personalized sketches for attendees. This grew into an ongoing endeavor, and he eventually drew hundreds of these for collectors. But every month he got more and more obsessive with the detail to the point where the latest ones were just over the top. At that point he had to stop doing them because it had become all-consuming. We managaed to get scans of many of them, but by no means all. Please take a browse here to appreciate Jay's amazing talent and his eternal love and deep understanding of this hobby:

Jay Lynch Personalized Drawings 2005-2007


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