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Your S&H Policy

  • By default S&H is looked up on the US Postal charts, which depends on weight and zone.
    • Zone is determined by the distance between two zip codes.

  • On this page you can modify the shipping charges to your liking below (don't forget to hit "UPDATE").

  • You can also specify if you will ship by letter.
    • Single trading cards are light enough to send by letter, so you can sell cheap singles and ship them cheap.
      • By default the option to ship by letters is turned off.
    • You specify which items are 'letter eligible' from your inventory page (once it exists)
      • By default common singles are already marked as letter eligible.

  • For some items you may want to have an extra charge. For example for a $1000 card you may want to add a surcharge for insurance. Such extra charges can be specified for each item from your inventory page (once it exists)

  • Of course you can also communicate with the buyer to customize shipping however you want, for example if the buyer wants express. That may require you to do an offsite paypal transaction for the difference.

Free Shipping

 Check this box to make all S&H free.


 Check this box to enable shipping to canada.

Click Here to Set Canada Charges


 Check this box to enable buyer to upgrade shipping to priority
       - If the package weighs more than 15oz, priority is automatic, for under 15oz it defaults to first class, unless this box is checked and the buyer chooses to upgrade.
       - Below you can turn off first class shipping options entirely, in case you always ship priority.

First Class Letter

Letters are primarily for a small number of single cards.

If you choose to enable this option, here's how it works. You indicate the number of cards you can fit in one envelope.

As long as one or more letters is cheaper than package rate, it will be calculated as letters. For example, if you can ship 5 cards per letter and the buyer orders 12, then that takes three letters, so about $2 in stamps - still much less than package rate which would be at least $4.

 Check this box to enable letter-rate shipping (thin flat items under 3oz)
   - And don't forget to hit the "UPDATE" button for changes to stick

 Letter 1oz
 Letter 2oz
 Letter 3oz

 Number of cards per letter

First Class Package

 Check here this box to enable first class shipping (for packages under 15oz)
        - If this is not checked, then shipping will be priority regardless of weight.

1 oz
2 oz
3 oz
4 oz
5 oz
6 oz
7 oz
8 oz
9 oz
10 oz
11 oz
12 oz
13 oz

Priority Mail Package

1 lb
2 lb
3 lb
4 lb
5 lb
6 lb
7 lb
8 lb
9 lb
10 lb
11 lb
12 lb
13 lb
14 lb
15 lb
16 lb
17 lb
18 lb
19 lb
20 lb
21 lb
22 lb
23 lb
24 lb
25 lb
26 lb
27 lb
28 lb
29 lb
30 lb
31 lb
32 lb
33 lb
34 lb
35 lb
36 lb
37 lb
38 lb
39 lb
40 lb
41 lb
42 lb
43 lb
44 lb
45 lb
46 lb
47 lb
48 lb
49 lb
50 lb
51 lb
52 lb
53 lb
54 lb
55 lb
56 lb
57 lb
58 lb
59 lb
60 lb
61 lb
62 lb
63 lb
64 lb
65 lb
66 lb
67 lb
68 lb
69 lb
70 lb