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The Wacky Packages Mall Information

The Wacky Packages Mall Information
Advantages of Creating an Account

If you create an account, and you are logged in when you shop, then you'll have the following advantages:
  • Persistent Shopping Carts.
    • With an account, carts are saved indefinitely.
    • Otherwise carts are maintained with cookies that can expire in as soon as 24 hours.

  • Track your order history.
    • This will be a permanent record of your transactions
      • Compare to eBay which they delete after three months.

  • Leave Feedback.
    • Registered buyers can leave feedback for sellers.

  • Private Messaging.
    • Send and receive messages with other members.

  • Create Keyword alerts.
    • Get an email alert when items are listed that match your keywords.
    • This feature is under construction but will be available soon.