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message: 447
name: Cody Finke
email: cody@firehouse.com
url: Added Pictures of actual products

Here are Actual products to add pictures:

Sunsweet (10th Series Sunsweat)
Tic Tac (10th Series Tic Toc)
One A Day (6th Series Run-A-Way)
Kent Cigarettes (4th Series Bent)
Etch A Sketch (1991 Retch A Sketch)
Tabasco (1985 Tobacco)
Gerber (2nd Series Gurgle)
Gerber Barley Cereal (7th Series Gurgles)
Hefty Bags (10th Series Heavy)
Hefty Bags (14th Series Hippy)
Hefty Feed Bags (16th Series Horsey)
Kimbies Diapers (16th Series Krummies)
Eveready Battery (1985 Everdeady)
The Cat In The Hat (1991 The Rat In The Cat)
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish (1991 One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Dead Fish)
Carnival Straws (1991 Snakes)
Velamints (1985 Velaphants)
Dr. Pepper (1985 Dr. Pooper)

date: 3:38 pm - Sunday, July 10, 2005

message: 446
name: Cody Finke
email: cody@firehouse.com
url: Gormel

Gormel, that it says "Scary Kitchen", on the actual products page, Should be: Gormel (Hormel Mary Kitchen Hash).

date: 11:39 am - Friday, July 8, 2005

message: 445
name: andy s
email: abs2712

as a kid from the 70's, my bedroom door was littered with these untill my mom sold the house in 93.great to see them once more.

date: 8:13 am - Saturday, July 2, 2005

message: 444
name: steph
email: stratakisss@aol.com

terrific web sight.

date: 10:12 pm - Sunday, June 26, 2005

message: 443
name: Cody Finke
email: cody@firehouse.com
url: Coach Motel hasnt been posted on the actual products page

Coach Motel (Black Flag Roach Motel)

This hasn't been posted yet on the actual names of the products page, that's why I've signed it.

date: 3:57 pm - Sunday, June 26, 2005

message: 442
name: Katie

Hi, I'm new to the whole wacky packages world. But I already love it. It's kinda cool that my parents remember wacky packages when they were little too. Anyway the website is great, thanks a ton. Tell Brent that he should also make a wacky packages webpage that would be pretty cool. thanks!

date: 2:18 pm - Wednesday, June 22, 2005

message: 441
name: Cody Finke
email: cody@firehouse.com
url: Actual Products for All-New 2nd Series

Here are the actual names of the Products from the All-New 2nd Series:

Goodbye Kitty (Hello Kitty)
Durasmell (Duracell)
Blisterine Strips (Listerine PocketPaks)
Stiffer Dusters (Swiffer Dusters)
Organspray (Ocean Spray 100% Juice)
Buzzooka (Bazooka)
Fool Iced Tea (Nestea Cool)
Tired (Tide)
Jailette Strike 3 (Gilette Mach 3)
Starducks Coffee (Starbucks Coffee)
Count Funkula (Count Chocula)
Salmon Joy (Almond Joy)
Thefty (Hefty CinchSak)
Snoritos (Doritos)
For Mummies (For Dummies)
Slobway (Subway)
Nothin's (Nathan's)
FedUp (FedEx)
Hurtsey's Kissers (Hershey's Kisses)
Krusty Krumbs (Krispy Kreme)
Sweatin' Fish (Swedish Fish)
Vermina Rat Chow (Purina Cat Chow)
Spores (Hershey's Smores)
Castro Oil (Castrol Oil)
Bling Dings (Drake's Devil Dogs)
Aquafinal (Aquafina)
Alberto's BO5 (Alberto VO5)
Mrs. Rash (Mrs. Dash)
Orangutina (Orangina)
Final Step (Fresh Step)
Chokin' In The Sea (Chicken Of The Sea)
Senior Mints (Junior Mints)
Pig Newtons (Fig Newtons)
Punchables (Lunchables)
Top Secret (Pop Secret)
Old Metal Files (Gold Metal Flour)
Creeps (Peeps)
Liceol (Lysol)
Hounz Cat-Chunks (Heinz Ketchup)
V8 Trash (V8 Splash)
Queerasil (Clearasil)
Soggy Bottom Wet Pants (SpongeBob SquarePants)
Blister (Twister)
Koff! (Off!)
Dims (The Sims)
epOxy (Oxy)
Little Geezer's (Little Caesar's)
Ghoul Whip (Cool Whip)
Gums (Tums Smooth Dissolve)
HeadHunter Helper (Hamburger Helper)
Minnow Maid (Minute Maid)
Skunkist (Sunkist)
Hairy Combs (Honeycomb)
Unlucky Charms (Lucky Charms)
Cheapos (Chee-tos)

The All New 2nd Series did not become in the Actual Names Of The Products page, that's why I made this to be on the page.


date: 2:49 pm - Monday, June 20, 2005

message: 440
name: julissa
email: adansandre@yahoo.es

hi my name is julissa I am in fourth grade and my class likes to collect wacky packs.my teacher mr.kohl likes them too.I have the most wacky packs in my class. I just starting collecting them 2 weeks ago and now I have a ton!my class and I think the stickers are very funny .someday I wish I can collect the all of the wackypacks and when I do I will tell you all!

date: 3:44 pm - Saturday, June 18, 2005

message: 439
name: Brent
email: lovedatbomb@yahoo.com

excellent wacky packages site! believe it or not I published a site devoted to wacky packages back in the first wave of wacky packages web sites in the mid 90's. It was around 1994 and my site got listed on Yahoo! and was even featured in one of the early Yahoo! magazines (with Brent Spinner on the cover). It got dozens of awards and had a guest book like this one - and the responses were very similar and emotional in the nostalgia and memories of good times. my site had pages of thumbnails and you could click on images to enlarge them. this was all pretty novel and fascinating stuff back then. my site eventually got hundreds of thousands of hits before I had to shut it down due to moving and getting married! well I'm divorced now so I just might put the site back up! lot of great memories here - really evokes a special time. how do these silly stickers bring back such powerfully emotional good feelings? I was feverish about collecting them and also had my 2nd and 3rd copies plastered everywhere. As a 40 something adult, they still make me all aglow inside. Plus, they reflect my politics perfectly and brings out the best anti-corporate subversive attitude in all of us! right on!

I gotta tell you my all time favorite wacky packages memory. I really wanted to complete a set and was missing a rare particular sticker right when Wonder Bread started putting them in with their bread. thus began a life of crime as I secretly and covertly wandered the grocery stores opening bread packages and checking out the sticker located inside until I found my sticker. can't remember the title right now but it had something to do with batteries and a black cat. It was a lot of fun. I DID purchase a loaf of bread when I found the sticker! I am sure not many would appreciate that I had pawed through their bread though! Probably one reason they stopped it.

Again, great site! Have been out of the loop for a long time - will order the new stickers right away! Brent

date: 5:26 pm - Thursday, June 9, 2005

message: 438
name: Sly Guy
email: unidentified

Dude, this site totally rocks!!!
I come here every single day to browse through a;; the cool wacky packages. In fact, I just ordered 2005 series 2 on ebay a few days ago!

date: 10:33 am - Friday, June 3, 2005


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