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message: 707
name: Joe

I recently rediscovered my small collection of wackys after my son found them in a box in his closet. And he is about the age I was when I got them!!  Brought back lots of great memories at 7-11. For example the girly mags in plain view!  Now I re-addicted to wackys..

date: 4:21 pm - Friday, November 9, 2012

message: 706
name: Jim in Parma , Ohio
email: jimg5150@yahoo.com

I forgot about the wacky pack days til it just popped in my head the other day.  Me , my brother and my cousin used to plaster these crazy things all over our bedroom walls.  Mom was like "what the f*%@ are these things and why are you decorating the walls with them?"  Kind of wish I would have tossed them in with my 1970's baseball cards and still had them today.  Oh well , funny.. - Jim

date: 6:22 pm - Monday, November 5, 2012

message: 705
name: BW
email: balmussar@yahoo.com

In 1973 I was about 9 years old and wacky packages was a large part of my life then. We loved them. I am still upset that they were thrown out when  I was older and at school

date: 5:43 pm - Thursday, August 2, 2012

message: 704
name: Pedro P. Coniconde
email: pedroc665@yahoo.com

This is a wonderfully done research on the field of Parody Cards. Job WELL DONE!I would also like to share this link to you as well since Fleer (Topps chief competitor) also created a similar type of Parody Cards as well and they call theirs, 1979 Fleer Crazy Label Stickers which were less known and much rarer than the Topps Wacky Packages and they only ran for one year. Their sets BTW only comprised of 68 Sticker Cards including four add-ons. Anyway here is the link:  www.bubblegumcards.org/Crazy%20Labels/CrazyLabels.html

date: 9:19 pm - Friday, July 20, 2012

message: 703
name: Sean moffitt
email: Seanm@cambridgeelevating.com

In my grade five class picture (1976) i was wearing a wacky prducts button up shirt wth many diferent peoducts all in difrrent oriantations.
Couldnt find anything like it on the web

I may be wrong but i thought i had a set of sheets as well.

date: 7:43 pm - Wednesday, June 13, 2012

message: 702
name: Tess Doege
email: idctd@yahoo.com

Right on!!  

What a retro rush...

I remember back in 75 only 10 years old.  Scrambling for changed, pestering my mother for money, just to catch the "Green Machine" ice cream truck.
They sold everything.  They were 2 packs for a quarter.

Had to have every one of them.  When you were through, you would assemble the cards to make the Wacky Pack collage.

Yep..  Good times.

date: 3:59 pm - Saturday, June 2, 2012

message: 701
name: Paul Rising
email: taracustom@yahoo.com

Great info, thanks for that.  Found all my stickers in my old room at my parents house. Fun stuff. Curious if these are worth anything.....Have 1973,74,75

Wacky stickers are awesome!!!

date: 9:06 am - Wednesday, April 11, 2012

message: 700
name: Melanie McCrackin
email: eatdessert1st@bellsouth.net

thank you so much for graciously helping me with my questions re: proofs, etc. My 13 yr old son has become quite the fanatic about the wacky cards. (He actually cringes in disgust when I remember collecting them as a young one in the '70s and throwing them away
We love your website; it shows a lot of hard work and we really appreciate your resources.

date: 10:00 am - Monday, March 19, 2012

message: 699
name: rodny
email: rodny@wackypacks.net

wacky packages ANS9 2012

(monster energy)  mobster energy

(dr. seuss wacky wednesday)  dr. seuss wormy

airwoop (airbourn) (when a homeless bum woop a rum )

zitz (ritz)

kit fat


(tide) - Dumb

(naked juice) stupid juice

date: 8:51 am - Saturday, March 10, 2012

message: 698

wacky packages ANS9 2012

wacky packages bones stickers

(mr . potato head) mr. greedo head human
with a mony and tuxido

date: 2:46 pm - Friday, March 9, 2012


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