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Wacky Mall Sellers Tutorial

Wacky Mall Seller's Tutorial

There are two general types of items
  • Unique Items
    • This is the type of item for which you will want to provide a picture of the acutal item for sale. So pretty much anything vintage, or valuable. Or a sketch card.
  • Stock Items
    • These are items for which want to use stock images, like pretty much any common modern NM stickers, packs or boxes
    • For example suppose you have ten basically identical copies of ANS1 Frosted Snakes, that you want to sell for 50c each. You don't want to scan each one, you just want to use a stock image.

For Stock Items, most of them have already been entered into the system. You will find them in your inventory with a default quantity of zero. So if you do have ten ANS1 Frosted Snakes, all you need to do is change the quantity from 0 to 10, set your price, and voila, it's live and the inventory will automatically update itself as they sell.

So listing Stock Items that are already in the system is the easist thing to do and it is Lesson #1 below.

Since new series come out all the time, there are stock items that we have not yet entered into the system. But you can always create new stock items yourself, it's simply an option you chose on the "New Item" form, as you will see in the Lessons below.


Creating listings is easy. Below are some examples to follow.

You can use any computer or your phone. But I recommend starting with a computer, so you can download the practice images. Lesson 3 shows how to use your phone and phone camera to make listings.

First you need to download a few images to practice with: Download Practice Images Here

Lesson 1 List an already existing Stock Item
Lesson 2 Create new item with one picture
Lesson 3 Create new item from your phone (and using your phone's camera to take the picture)
Lesson 4 Working with multiple pictures