Chock Full O' Bolts
Pictures of all Variations

Original Release (Domestic)
Die-Cut 1967
Die-Cut 1967 (Number Variation)

Domestic Reissues
Wacky Ads 1969 Long Perf
Wacky Ads 1969 Short Perf
Cloth Series 1973
1st Series 1973 White Back
1st Series 1973 Tan Back
1st Series 1973 Black Ludlow
1st Series 1973 Red Ludlow
Placks 1974
1979 Test Pack
1st Series 1979 Rerun
1982 Album
ANS4 2006 Magnets
ANS6 2007 What's in the Box
2nd Flashback 2008 Black Border
2nd Flashback 2008 Green Border
2nd Flashback 2008 Pink Border
2nd Flashback 2008 Silver Border
2nd Flashback 2008 Gold Border

1st Series OPC White Back 1974
1st Series OPC Tan Back 1974
1982 OPC Album