Wacky Packages 10th Series 2013 (ANS10)
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Topps Wacky Packages
10th Series 2013 (ANS10)

Base Set and Variations

There are nine variations of the base set.
  • Black Border
  • Silver Border 1 per retail pack
  • Blue Border 1 per hobby pack
  • Red Border 1 per collector's pack
  • Gold Border 1 per 84 collector's packs, 1 per 355 retail packs
  • Black Background Cloth 1 per collector's pack
  • Black Ludlow 1 per 14 collector's pack
  • Red Ludlow 1 per 84 collector's pack
  • White Background Cloth 1 per 607 jumbo packs

Black BorderSilver BorderBlue BorderRed BorderGold BorderBlack Background ClothBlack LudlowRed LudlowWhite Background Cloth
1Mtn DoomSmokin' JoeBlue puzzle top right
2Khaos Flustered FlakesFred WheatonBlue puzzle top middle
3Milk Deads Chocolatey Candy ZombiesJunghwa ImBlue puzzle top left
4Taco Belch Gaso SupremeDavid GrossBlue puzzle center right
5Pooper Mario DoodlandBrent EngstromBlue puzzle center
6Chocolate CryptJoe SimkoBlue puzzle center left
7Play-GoghJunghwa ImBlue puzzle bottom right
8LiteSabers Force FlavorBlue puzzle bottom middle
9Reeper's Peanut Butter CorpseNeil CameraBlue puzzle bottom left
10PU3 Bo Shock EWBrent EngstromGreen puzzle top left
11Dungeon DonutsSmokin' JoeGreen puzzle center left
12Petsi Soda for Cats & DogsFred WheatonGreen puzzle bottom left
13Peter Pawn In Hock Peanut ButterDavid GrossGreen puzzle top middle
14Tubby Grahams HeavyJoe SimkoGreen puzzle center
15Zombie FitnessBrent EngstromGreen puzzle bottom middle
16Might be Dog Dachshund & Dalmatian ComboJunghwa ImGreen puzzle top right
17Pull Pop Sticky CandySam GambinoGreen puzzle center right
18Scream of Wheat Farina QuicksandMatthew KirschtGreen puzzle bottom right
19Rold Gold Pretz-iclesClaude St. AubinOrange puzzle top left
20Xcrox Tomb Gator UnderwaterBrent EngstromOrange puzzle center left
21Helly Belly Infernal Candy HornsJunghwa ImOrange puzzle bottom left
22McDropout's Hippy MealSmokin' JoeOrange puzzle top middle
23Fiber WonFred WheatonOrange puzzle center
24Green Chant Peas NowPat ChaimuangOrange puzzle bottom middle
25MegaPunks Chronic DegeneratesBrent EngstromOrange puzzle top right
26Chums Blow Hole PopJunghwa ImOrange puzzle center right
27ScreamWorks Wuss in BootsMark PingitoreOrange puzzle bottom right
28Jack Stinks Bean JerkySam GambinoCorn Butts
29Ultra TiteSmokin' JoeAsparagus Jacks
30Xbux 30 Deers of WarBrent EngstromLetgo
31Allmud Joy Muck Chocolate Pig SlopFred WheatonPhony Baloney
32BattlesheepJoe SimkoVelfeeta
33Fruit of the Loon StraitjacketJunghwa ImM&eMpty
34Bogus Burgers Grilled VegansBrent EngstromCombovers
35The Legend of ZelduhBrent EngstromStrawberry Shortfuse
36Crawley Rancher Harsh CandyJoe SimkoBlazin' Bran
37Diarrhea of a Windy Kid: Crappin' FeverNeil CameraFowlger's Classic Roost
38Pop-FartsMark PingitoreBulges
39Klepto BismolJunghwa ImPimples Zit Chips
40BFF Mortal KomradesEZPudge
41Chia PestSam GambinoCheez Wuz
42Chux Mix TossableJunghwa ImSlime Jim
43Cementos MortarNeil CameraHungry Hungry Hippies
44Krud Easy MuckJunghwa ImTrux
45Toejam Feet FighterBrent EngstromSuper Mario Mothers
46Tric TacJohn ZeleznikPanters
47Benadrool AnesthesiaJunghwa ImReal Dull
48Newts and AddersBrent EngstromHell-O Purgatory Punch
49Lugee NinjagooJohn ZeleznikWindy's Burgers [billboard]
50Annoying MimecraftBrent EngstromCrappy Barrel [billboard]
51Eye of NewtellaJunghwa ImUpchuck E. Cheese's [billboard]
52Diamond Studded PamperedBrent EngstromScareBearStare [billboard]
53Lucky GermsJunghwa ImGrab the Throne [billboard]
54Monster High: Leggy PeggyBrent EngstromThe Working Dead [billboard]
55SnakersSmokin' JoeAll-New Series 10 Checklist


Awful Apps (1:4 packs)

black cloth
white cloth
black ludlow
red ludlow
1 of 10Boogle
2 of 10Ya-who?
3 of 10dump
4 of 10aimless
5 of 10myspaced
6 of 10eAlimony
7 of 10Instagrime
8 of 10YowTube
9 of 10Nyetflix
10 of 10CutCheese

As Screamed On TV Cards (1:4 packs)

black cloth
white cloth
black ludlow
red ludlow
1 of 10Pillow Pest
2 of 10Ya Mama Jeans
3 of 10Lice O Matic
4 of 10Oximoron Clean
5 of 10Snake Weight
6 of 10Edge of Glory
7 of 10Pickpocket Fisherman
8 of 10Magic Mullet
9 of 10PetRidder
10 of 10Slam Pow!

Bonus Cards

Jumbo Packs

  • B1     3 Racketeers Pistol-Whipped, Fluffy Chocolate
  • B2     Special D K Undead Berries

Target Bonus Boxes

  • B3     Hi-Sea 100% Salt Water
  • B4    p Robo

Collector's Packs

  • B5    Refuzit Awful Aroma
  • B6    Fancy Beast Extremely Exotic Cat Food
  • B7    Clubbed Crumby Crackers
  • B8    Blue Bombit Nitroglycerine Spread
  • B9    Dove Creamed Bird
  • B10   No EscapĂ© Taser's Choice
  • B11   Ghoullette Decaying Flesh Odor Shield
  • B12   5-hour Anarchy Disorder Supplement
  • B13   The Woman with the Draggin' Tattoo
  • B14   Rice a Romney Right Wing Rice

Lost Wackys (1:84 Collector's packs)

Gold Border, Red Ludlow Lost Wackys collector's packs

Magnets (1:12 Retail packs)

Tattoos (1:6 Retail packs)

Sketch Cards

Shaped Sketch Cards


Artist Autograph Cards

Commercial Star Autograph Cards Collector packs

Printing Plates (hobby or collector's boxes)

Buyback Stickers (collector's packs)

Cereal Box Bonus Stickers

Many Thanks to Jeff Allender for generously sharing some of this info.