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Wacky Packages 3rd Series 2005/6 Boxes
There are 17 different boxes for this series.

Note: the "foil" versus "rainbow foil" designation has only been given when there is a variation for the same box code. If there is no designation, there is only one version of the box for that code.

1-791-30-01-6 "foil"791-0630-791-89-01-6 "foil"36 packs priced - pre-release
1-791-30-01-6 "rainbow foil"791-0630-791-89-01-6 "rainbow foil"36 packs priced - national release
1-791-30-02-6 "foil"791-063E0-791-89-02-6 "foil"36 packs unpriced - pre-release
1-791-30-02-6 "rainbow foil"791-063E
0-791-89-02-6 "rainbow foil"36 packs unpriced - national release, also comes in the 4-box floor display
1-791-30-03-6791-06330-791-89-03-636 packs priced - with gum
1-791-30-04-6791-0633E0-791-89-04-636 packs unpriced - with gum
1-789-30-01-6789-063EA0-789-89-01-6Target - 11 packs priced, one B1 bonus card
1-789-30-02-6789-063WA0-789-89-01-6Wal Mart - 11 packs priced, one B2 bonus card
1-789-30-03-6789-063VI0-789-89-01-6Toys-R-Us - 11 packs priced, one B3 bonus card
1-434-30-03-6434-063BJ0-434-89-01-6SAM's Club Box - with gum - 18 packs unpriced
0-777-89-01-6 "rainbow foil"Gravity Feed - 48 packs unpriced
0-777-89-02-6Gravity Feed - 48 packs unpriced - with gum
1-777-30-02-6 "foil"777-063R0-777-89-01-6 "foil"24 packs unpriced - pre-release
1-777-30-02-6 "rainbow foil"777-063H0-777-89-01-6 "rainbow foil"Hobby Box contains poster, same box code as boxes in the 777-063R case - 24 packs unpriced
1-777-30-03-6777-0633R0-777-89-02-624 packs unpriced - with gum
1-721-30-01-6777-063E0-791-89-02-6 "rainbow foil"Blister Pack Box - 20 blister packs, each with two packs unpriced and one bonus card B4, B5, or B6
1-434-30-05-6434-0633WA0-791-89-04-636 packs unpriced with gum - from the 4 Box counter display