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August 16, 2002
Wacky Packages
If screenshotthe product names Cap'n Crud, Clammy Soap, and Plopsickle ring a bell, you most likely grew up in the '70s and are familiar with Wacky Packages, the trading cards that lampooned corporate America's advertising campaigns. This exhaustive site recalls a time when kids collected cards that urged them to get drunk on whiskey-flavored Wheeze-It Crackers or smoke eraser-tipped Truant Cigarettes, the choice of "kids who cut class." Okay, so the artwork was disgusting and rudimentary, and the humor lacked political correctness (even for the '70s), but there is something wonderfully subversive about trading cards for Putrid Cat Chow or Hawaiian Punks Bloody Nose Red Juice, a beverage that will beat you to a "fruit juicy pulp." Jump in and relive this repulsively entertaining blast from the past. (in Hobbies > Collecting)
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August 15, 2002
The Brady Bunch Hour
TV screenshotshows come and go. For every Friends, there are hundreds of shows that fade into obscurity, barely registering a blip on the TV radar. However, some shows sink to new depths of dreadfulness, so incredibly awful that they need to be memorialized and never forgotten. The Brady Bunch Hour falls smack dab into this category. Conceived as a song-dance-sketch variety hour featuring the cast of the long-canceled sitcom, the resulting cornball nightmare is sure to give you the creeps. This site delves into the horror of a show that featured a "fake Jan," frightful '70s fashion sense, Rip Taylor, and a musical medley chock full of show tunes that closed out each hour. All nine episodes are thoughtfully outlined and supplemented by an exhaustive photo gallery and a collection of news articles. It's a sunshine day, indeed. (in Television)
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August 14, 2002
The Quest for Immortality: Treasures of Ancient Egypt
The screenshotNational Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. brings ancient Egyptian art to life with this rich multimedia site. The elaborate funerary art focuses on the afterlife that was crucial to ancient Egyptian beliefs. Coffins, canopic jars that held a mummified body's organs, exquisite artworks, and even practical furniture were all buried with the bodies of the rich and famous. Step into a QuickTime VR version of the tomb of Thutmose III from the 1400s B.C. to view the paintings describing the journey the dead king must make to be reborn. Examine objects up close while listening to RealPlayer narratives of experts describing each item. Or simply view 18 beautiful pieces from the exhibition. The map of ancient Egypt provides a geographic context, while two PDF brochures flesh out the exhibit. This may be the next best thing to a trip down the Nile. (in Arts & Humanities > Art History)
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August 12, 2002
The Barbra File
The screenshotoriginal diva's fans are some of the most devoted on the planet. They buy every Barbra Streisand album, stand in line for every movie in which she appears, and worship the ground on which this multi-talented icon walks. The author of a jam-packed bi-monthly newsletter devoted to Streisand's every move has brought her Barbra obsession online. With all the requisite fan-site information and much more, this exhaustive resource of all things Babs will charm even non-Yentl devotees. Take the Barbra challenge to gauge your level of fandom, view an extensive chronology of her life and times, and spend awhile poking around her entire discography. Every page is sprinkled with a Barbra quote -- you're sure to draw some inspiration from these distinctive pearls of wisdom. As the site says, "Other fanzines come and go, but The Barbra File is a constant!" Amen to that. (in Music)
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August 11, 2002
A screenshotrequisite part of any vacation is souvenir shopping for those friends and family members stuck at home. Some people prefer a fanciful commemorative plate, others favor a simple shot glass. If you're buying for Jen Segrest, it had better be a kitschy snowdome. A staple of tacky gift shops and tourist traps, these liquid-filled, snowflake-shaking mementos have become an obsession for Jen, and she's seen fit to put her hands on as many of these dazzling domes as possible. Offered up for your viewing pleasure, her enormous collection includes hula girls, Irish leprechauns, and lovely Reno, NV -- sure to trigger flashbacks of forgotten family vacations. Next time you head out on the highway, think about snagging a snowdome. You'll make Jen proud. (in Hobbies > Collecting)
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August 10, 2002
Music From TV Commercials
You screenshotwon't find "plop plop fizz fizz" on this site, but you will find hundreds of pop, rock, jazz, and classical tunes that have served as background music for TV commercials. Over 150 contributors have helped identify the tunes, and, as a result, the site owner has discovered a plethora of great new music (starting with Delibe's "Lakme" in a British Airways ad). Check out the five most popular songs of the past 30 days, or cruise the music from summer 2002 ads that aired during the NBA Finals and the World Cup. Travel back to spring for songs such as Led Zeppelin's "Rock & Roll" in Cadillac ads and Dirty Vegas' "Days Go By" in Mitsubishi commercials. Venture back to 1996 to discover the Iggy Pop songs used by Guinness, FTD, and Royal Caribbean Cruises and marvel at the ubiquity of Moby's mellow-techno music. Sellouts? Who are we to judge? (in Television)
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August 9, 2002
Welcome screenshotto the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational web site around. Anyone growing up in the '70s caught at least a few episodes of the rousing variety show known as The Muppet Show, and the creators of this incredibly in-depth site have painstakingly profiled each episode. Start with season one, which featured guest hosts Paul Willams and Phyllis Diller among others, then work your way through the remaining seasons. After you've dissected each episode, scoot over to the Character Guide and read about every Muppet to ever appear on the show. The list starts with Abe, a tap dancer who made a cameo in episode 56, and ends with the Zuchinni Brothers, a group of daredevil Italian brothers. Whether you're looking for obscure characters like the Mackerel or trying to find information about Kenny Rogers' guest-hosting gig, Kermitage will indubitably provide the facts. (in Television)
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