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It won't work; it will work but it'll cost a bundle For all that's been said about the USA's proposed missile defense system, this BBC presentation is one of the first to actually give us a clear demonstration of how it might work. (Flash required.)


Just like the USA, Vietnam has struggled with the legacy of the conflict that bears its name. The forthcoming PBS documentary Vietnam Passage examines the history of the nation through the eyes of its people.

Discover the likelihood of creating a lightsaber, tapping into 'The Force,' or developing an army of clones with Star Wars: Realities Beyond the Myth. This Exploration Network site also gauges the effects Star Wars has had upon world culture.


'Y'know that car commercial where the chick's arms are going crazy? Dude that music is kickin'!' Here's your online source for getting names and info on all those kickin' commercial tunes that have you pumping up the TV volume.

Generation X had no better anarchic calling card than Wacky Packages, trading cards that poked a finger in the ribs of corporate America with product send-ups such as Ajerx cleanser. Relive the insanity from a jerkier-but-gentler time.

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