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Wacky packages Art Scans

Below is a collection of scans of the original art. They were collected from wherever they could be, by any means fair or foul (much of the credit belongs to Pete Boulay who accumulated most of these and pioneered his own art archive). Since the art is an important part of American history, it is important to catalog it by location and by scans whenever possible. But history aside, high resolution scans generally reveal a level of detail not captured in the sticker itself. Take a look at this detail of schmutz to see what we mean. Unfortunately, high resolution scans were not always obtainable, because some of these come from ebay auctions or other such places, but the scan is provided in any case, as a record of the existence and condition of the piece. The data on locations are not publicly available, but there are about three times as many pieces with known locations as there are scans, at this point.


credits: Images provided by John Mellard, John Grisham, Greg Grant, Tom Moore, Matt Stock, Scott Broberg, Mike Crist, John Mann, Ernie de la Fuentes, Jeff Weiss. (some others wish to remain anonymous).