The difference between 21-folded and 85-folded Wacky Packages

Most wrappers from the original series come in two varieties, one with an -85- in the code number and one with a -21- in the code.  For example the two 1st series wrappers are coded 0-422-21-01-3 and 0-422-85-01-3.  From the back of a pack it is easy to tell the difference because of how the pack is folded.  The scan below shows the difference.  The 21-folded packs have the ends tucked under, the 85-folded ones have them folded over.

-21- pack -85- pack

The difference is not so evident from the front, however you can still tell because there is a subtle variation in the art.  On the -21- pack you can see a bit of the white oval on the front of Quacker.  On the -85- pack you cannot see any of it.  See the scan below.

-21- Quacker -85- Quacker

 The method above holds for all wrappers except for the red wrapper used for the 1st-3rd series.  On that wrapper the difference is more subtle.  But you can still tell by looking at the black line on the lid of the Quacker image.  On the -21- wrapper it is longer, on the -85- wrapper it stops half way (see below).

-21- Quacker -85- Quacker


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