Wacky Packages Coffee Table Book
- Signed Edition -

A number of the first printing have been signed by the two contributing authors and legendary Wacky Packages artists Art Spiegelman and Jay Lynch. Jay and Art were instrumental in the conception of Wacky Packages in the 60's and Jay has continued to work on them through the recent ANS series 2004-2008. Art Spiegelman is a pullitzer prize winning author and is a difficult signature to obtain.

Note on Validity: Each book will come with a $1 bill as a bookmark - the serial number of that bill will be written on the lower left corner of the same page as the signatures. Valid serial numbers are any from 90307701 to 90307933. If anybody has a book they aren't sure about they can send us a scan and we can verify it by comparing the handwriting of the serial number to our scans, which will never have been made public. These measures will make the signed books nearly 100% impossible to counterfeit.

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This picture of Art and Jay signing the books was taken in Art Spiegelman's studio in Manhattan, June 8th, 2008. Art Spiegelman is on the left, Jay Lynch is on the right.