Jay Lynch Personalized Wacky Pack Drawings

Jay Lynch is one of the major and pioneering artists of Wacky Packages going back all the way to the 60's. He has conceived more titles than anybody, including at least half of the 2004 1st Series.

Jay Lynch basically invented the concept of the Wacky Packages Sketch Card on October 8th, 2005. It was at one of Greg Grant's parties, he started doing drawings for people at the party based on the titles they use for their forum names. In fact this Blunder was the very first one. It can arguably be the first Wacky Pack sketch.

Not long after the party we started selling these upon request, they started at $50. But Jay had a problem, if somebody paid $50 he wanted them to feel like they got $100 worth. So he would work extra hard. Eventually he couldn't justify doing things that time consuming for $50 so we raised it to $100. But then he started doing drawings that looked like $200. So we eventually raised it to $200, then to $300, by the end they were $500. Then Topps made him stop and that was the end of it.

This page has probably 90% of the ones he did. We didn't manage to scan them all so if you have one not on this page please let us know.

Unfortunately Jay passed away in 2017, so there will be no more additions to his porfoglio. Anyway if anybody wants to know who is the true God Father of Wacky Pack sketch cards, it was Jay Lynch. If somebody has a legitimate sketch card type item that predates October 8th, 2005, please let me know.