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Wacky Mall Sellers Tutorial

Wacky Mall Seller's Tutorial

Example #4: Working with multiple pictures

We assume here that you've already gone through Lesson 2

Here you have more options available to manage the images for a listing than you have on eBay.

You can upload as many as you want.

You can rotate images.

You can choose which ones to merge together to be the front page thumbnail.

You can create a library of images.

For this lesson you'll want to be on a computer.

Make sure you have downloaded the practice images.

In the pictures below, follow the red arrows:

Preliminary: Following the first few steps of Lesson 2 navigate to the Practice page and make sure there are no items already listed.

If the one you listed in Lesson 2 is still there, go ahead and delete it now.

Select "Add New Item" and you should now see a page that looks like this:

Step 1: We do not need to upload 'test1_front.jpg' again since you already uploaded it in Lesson 2.

You could upload it again, but it will rename it and make a copy.

Better to find it in your library.

Click on the "library" button.

Step 2: You should see this

Step 3: Click the checkbox

Step 4: Click "ADD IMAGE"

Step 5: You should see this.

Step 6: Now we're going to upload some more of the images.

Click on "Choose File"

Step 7: Select 'test1_back.jpg'

Step 8: click "Upload File"

Step 9: You should see this.

Step 10: Now repeat the process and upload 'test2_front.jpg' and 'test2_back.jpg'.

You should now see this.

Step 11: Check the two checkboxes.

This tells the system to use these two images for the frontpage thumbnail.

The rest of the images will be linked to.

Step 12: Fill in the required fields.

Step 13: Hit SUBMIT

Step 14: You should see this

Step 15: Click on the picture

Step 16: A page should come up with all of the full size images.

Step 17: Now we're going to delete this item and start over.

Click on the little "edit" button

Step 18: Check the delete checkbox.

Step 19: Click "DELETE"

Step 20: You should see this

Step 21: We're now going to upload the fronts of the rest of the test images.

You could upload them as you already know how, but we'll use this as an opportunity to demonstrate the Image Library.

Click on "Image Library"

Step 22: These are all the images you've uploaded to this category (or series).

You may see others, for example if you followed Lesson 2 there will be the ones from that lesson.

Step 23: Use the upload buttons to upload test3_front.jpg, test4_front.jpg, test5_front.jpg and test6_front.jpg

Step 24: You should see this

Step 25: Now click on "ADD NEW ITEM"

Step 26: Now instead of uploading, we'll import the images from the library.

Click "library"

Step 27: This is what you should see

Step 28: Check the boxes for all six of the "front" images.

Step 29: Click "ADD IMAGE"

Step 30: You should see this

Step 31: Click all six check boxes

Step 32: Enter "3" in the "wrap after" box

Step 33: Fill in the rest of the required info

Step 34: Hit SUBMIT

Step 35: This is what you should see.

Notice how the thumbnail is 3 columns and 2 rows.

Had you put "2" in the "wrap after" box it would be 2 columns and 3 rows.

Had you put "4" in the box it would have one row of 4 and the second row would have the remaining 2.

You get the picture.