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Wacky Mall Sellers Tutorial

Wacky Mall Seller's Tutorial

Example #3: Create new item using your phone
and phone camera

Listing a new item with your phone is easy.

But first, Make sure you have javascript enabled on your phone

In the pictures below, follow the red arrows:

Find a random card to list.

We are going to list this Greaseline sticker that I've placed on my couch.

We'll be taking pictures of both the front and the back.

Step 1: Log into your account.

Step 2: Click on "Inventory"

Step 3: Click on "PRACTICE Category"

You can list stuff to this category to practice, they will not be live on your store.

Step 4: Click on "ADD NEW ITEM"

Step 5: This is what you should see.

Step 6: Click on "Choose File"

Step 7: Click on "Camera"

Step 8: Center the card well and close, but well focused, without too much border, and take the picture.

Step 9: If you're happy with the picture hit "OK", otherwise try again.

Step 10: Click on "Upload File"

Step 11: Depending on the speed of your connection and the size of the image, this could take one second to upload or you might need to be patient. It won't take too long.

Once uploaded, this is what you should see.

Step 12: Now we're going to take a picture of the back. Flip the card over and click on "Choose File" again.

Step 13: Click on "Camera"

Step 14: Take the picture

Step 15: Accept the picture

Step 16: Hit "Upload File"

Step 17: You should now see both images in the table.

Note, should you desire, you can rearrange them, rotate them and delete them.

Step 18: Click both of the checkboxes indicated by the red arrows

Step 19: Fill in the rest of the required information.

The SUBMIT button remains disabled until these fields are filled out.

Step 20: Hit "SUBMIT"

If it the SUBMIT button is disabled, make sure you've filled out the required info.

Also you can try toggling the "Type" radio buttons.

Step 21: You should now see the item on the inventory list.

Click the link indicated by the red arrow to see the live store page.

Step 22: This is what you should see.

The two pictures have been merged into one thumbnail.

If you hadn't clicked the two checkboxes next to the images, it would have just used the front image for the thumbnail.

But all of the images can always be seen by clicking on the picture. Do that now.

Step 23: Clicking on the image in the previous step brings up the page with all the full size images.

This is the end of Lesson #3. Return to the main tutorial page.