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Wacky Mall Sellers Tutorial

Wacky Mall Seller's Tutorial

Example #2: Create new item with one picture

Listing a new item is easy, even if it has multiple pictures. But in this example we are going to create a new listing with just one picture.

Make sure you have downloaded the practice images.

In the pictures below, follow the red arrows:

Step 1: Log into your account and click on "Inventory" in the browser bar at the top.

Step 2: This is the page where you choose the series of the item you are listing.

Click on "PRACTICE Category".

This is where you can try things out. If you create listings in this category, they will not go live on your store, only you will see them.

Step 3: Click on "ADD NEW ITEM"

This is what you should see, a form to enter the new item info.

Step 4: Click on "Choose File"

Step 5: Find the directory where you saved the practice images.

Select the file named "test1_front.jpg".

Step 6: Click on "Upload File"

Step 7: It might take a few seconds to upload, depending on your connection.

Once uploaded, you should see this.

Step 8: Now fill in the required pieces of information.

Title: Gooya
Quantity: 1
Price: 1.25
Weight: 0.06
Select "Letter Enabled" (this is not required, but select it anyway)
Select "Stock Item"

Once uploaded, you should see this.

Step 9: Hit "SUBMIT"

Step 10: This is what you should see.

If so, congratulations, you have created a new item.

If this was any other category besides the practice category, the item would be available and for sale on your live store.

Step 11: Click on this link to see the live store page.

Step 12: This is what you should see.

Step 13: Now we're going to delete the item to prepare for the next exercise.

Go back to the inventory page and click the "edit" icon.

Step 14: Select the "delete" check box

Step 15: Click the "delete" button

Step 16: This is what you should see.

This is the end of Example #2. Return to the main tutorial page.