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Wacky Mall Reverse Auctions

Note: Only reverese auctions that decrement at least once per month are shown here.
  - Read why

  • In a reverse auction the price goes down at regular intervals until the item sells, or reaches some specified minimum.
  • The seller specifies four things
    1. The starting price
    2. The amount to decrease the price per period
      • Specified as either a percent or an absolute dollar amount
    3. The length of a period (in days)
      • The price goes down at the end of each period
    4. The 'floor' which is a minimum value that it will not go beyond
      • The floor is hidden, only the seller knows it, but they might tell you if you ask.

102 Reverse Auctions

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Date Listed
The Wacky Packages Webpage Store
Wacky Ads 1969
Complete Set (no G&E)

Mostly EX+ /NM, few EX

(Does not contain Good & Empty
which always sells separately)

item: 3205

The Wacky Packages Webpage Store
6th Series 1974
Complete Set with Puzzle

Middle grade set EX-/EX+


item: 9894


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