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There are three required pieces of information:
  1. Store Name (at least 3 characters)
  2. Papal PDT Token (leave this blank until setup step 7)
  3. Return Blurb

Wallpaper: Make your store distinctive.
There are 40 choices for wallpaper

Change your Wallpaper

Don't forget to hit UPDATE after you're done making changes below

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Pause Message:

Store Name: wcysetij
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PayPal PDT Token: #file_links[

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PDT setup instructions

Store Icon: (image that appears at the top of the front page)

this is a placeholder, feature coming soon...

Alert: (appears in red on the front page)

Change Alert to: (you can leave this blank)

Blurb: (Appears at the top of the front page, keep it short)

Change Blurb to: (you can leave this blank)

Return Blurb: (Buyers see this on the receipt page, after they complete payment)

This is required by PayPal.

This is where you thank the buyer and tell them reassuring things like how often you ship, or what to do if they have an issue, or whatever.

Change Return Blurb to: